Tyler Fengya, Mozart K. 280

Tyler Fengya age 13,  student of Edna Golandsky, plays Mozart Sonata K 280  first and last movements,  at the Golandsky Institute spring workshop at Yamaha New York.

Questions of arpeggios and scale crossing : In and Out motions and torso position

Fox News interview: Treatment for Dystonia in musicians

Click here to see the inspiring story of how Megan Coiley overcome dystonia through studying with Edna Golandsky.

Finding accommodation in New York when you come for lessons.

I receive many inquiries from pianists coming to New York for lessons asking about accommodation while they are here. Here is a list below which may be helpful in your search.
1. www.craigslist.org (choose your US city from here).
List “piano” or “grand piano” in the search.  It is recommended to both post your own listing (you may need a friend with a US cell no to help you, as listings can now only be activated with a code sent to a US cell), and search often. Often, people only list their apartments a month or so in advance.
Alternatively, if you are just in the US for a short time, you may consider renting an apartment without a piano, then hiring a rehearsal studio while you are here. There are several in the Midtown / Theater district (google to find), with a good grand piano fro $20-25/hour at 2012 prices (discussed further in this post).

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